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CJ Amadi (known professionally as King DCN, b. Oct. 2003) is a UK rapper, producer and music video director. King DCN’s Instagram (@kingdcn) was where CJ grabbed his name from and kept it as a rap name.
He was born October 2003 in Woolwich, London.

He was introduced to music when he was 3 years old where he was put onto artists/groups, such as: Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Outcast, Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, Nelly, Usher, etc.
Mid 2014, King DCN started rapping for fun, at the age of 10, before he started making cover songs and written his own songs for his own projects and created a YouTube channel but didn’t post until October 2014, where he would do gaming videos and vlogs.
Late November 2016, he made a song called “Hot Season” on his Snapchat and he ended up making an EP with 3 tracks. This was called “On My Mind”.
Then, halfway through 2017, King DCN starts to take music seriously and ends up not making many YouTube videos. Instead, he releases songs for his projects and writes his own songs alongside with producing majority or all of his songs per album.
He then takes a break from music for 1 year and 2 months to release his first album he released on all DSP’s (also his 5th albums if you count the others), “FALCON X”. This album was King DCN’s first time ever making beats and instrumentals to all of his songs on one album. He has put a ¼ of a year of effort into making a whole album to make the best songs he possibly can.
He then released his second professional album, “Team 16 II”, which contains singles like “KEEP SHOOTING THAT”, “RAINWATER (DRIP DROP)” and “T20”. King’s future is currently unknown, but he has high hopes about this the ‘20s, because he expects to blow up in that time period.

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